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Canopy Botanicals is a well known kratom vendor that sells kratom online and locally. An east coast vendor who also sells tea, spices, seasonings and soap bars. This is a USA based vendor that deals in a wide range of kratom strains from almost 4 years. Though not a big name in the kratom industry, the vendor sells good quality as compared to the price range.

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Price of their products is too low. Like if you buy 25g of red bali you will be charged $3.80 which is nothing. Now take a look at the quality of kratom they provide at a very low price, it is not that low as the price is. Most people think that the quality would not be upto the level because of its abnormally low price but it is a must try and if it suits you then it will be a best option for maintaining your budget too. It is also good for the beginners or new users to try different strains from canopy botanicals because it costs almost nothing and if you would not like it you will not be depressed for wasting your money. 

Products and price

  • Gold Bali $3.80-$79.00
  • Green Asia $3.80-$79.00
  • Green Borneo $3.80-$79.00
  • Green Maeng da $3.80-$79.00
  • Green Malay $3.80-$79.00
  • Red Bali $3.80-$79.00
  • Red Borneo $3.80-$79.00
  • Red Jongkong $3.80-$79.00
  • Red Maeng Da $3.80-$79.00
  • Super Green Jongkong $3.80-$79.00
  • White Hulu Kapuas $3.80-$79.00
  • White Maeng Da $3.80-$79.00
  • Wild Green $3.80-$79.00
  • Wild White $3.80-$79.00
  • pink Elephant blend $20-$70
  • Special Green $15-$25
  • Stargazer Blend $20-$70

Shipping and delivery

According to the reviews from many customers the delivery is fast and reliable. They use USPS priority mail for the delivery. If you place your order before 2pm from monday to saturday the order will be shipped the same day. Time they have mentioned on the website for shipping is 24 hours and in any inconvenience it can be 48 hours. You will also get a tracking number to stay informed about your order.

Do they offer Discount or coupon code?

Yes they often offer discounts, if you order 1kg of any strain you will get a discount. Also they announce coupon codes for loyal customers.

Customer care

They claim that they have the best and friendly customer care. On the top of the website there is an email option from there you can directly contact the vendor.

Do they have a return offer?

Yes, canopy botanicals have a return offer within 14 days of shipping, only if the package is damaged or has some issue. If the product is opened the vendor will not be responsible and they will not return or exchange the product.


  • Unexpectedly low rates
  • Unique variety of soaps, teas etc
  • Fast delivery
  • Return offer
  • Supportive customer care
  • Attractive and sealed packaging 


  • Not high at quality
  • No main focus on Kratom
  • No money back guarantee
  • Less information on website
  • Only powder kratom
  • Limited variety of strains